Who Wins?

Everybody wins. The individual becomes life-changing wealthy, the corporations become world-class, perhaps the largest in the world. The possibilities are endless. Energy changes the base wealth of the United States and the people should be included in a seriously life-changing way. Everybody gains.

Civilizations are mortal and ours is dying. Do I need to list the problems? This solves climate change, as defined by those who claim there is climate change.

Just four three-mile-long hydro conveyors will quadruple the electrical output of the USA in only a few short years. Wealth problems solved, at least for Ohio, WV, and KY residents. The rest will catch up quickly enough. Keep in mind, that this is possible.

The PGH is easy to build. It will take approximately 30-40 million square yards moved per three-mile section and will have an expense similar to 10-20 miles of the PA and WV turnpike in size and cost. All the electrical transmission can be U.S. labor, U.S designed, and U.S. manufactured with all of the equipment being locally built. The energy company (companies in OH, WV, and KY) that operates the system will become the largest corporations in the world, not just the largest energy companies. These companies must be located in Columbus, Charleston, and Louisville as an example and will be constrained to forever remain in their respective state. The companies get richer, the union gets richer (think of how much work the electrical workers will have?) the people get richer. The nation becomes unbelievably strong and the climate theory ends. How strong is your army? It is as strong as your energy generation formed into wealth.

For example, in the laws of physics money is a form of energy. Taxation consumes energy. Debt consumes energy. Taxation is a cause of climate change as is debt and regulation because oil, coal, and gas must be burned to pay the national debt. Note, in the Physics to Economics Model (PEM) social issues can be a counter force to wealth because every action causes energy usage, even social issues. Inefficient social policy causes carbon use

Speak To Your Governor, F. Patrick Cunnane

Thank you!