The Invention

Currently, Hoover Dam generates one thousandth (1/1000) of the total U.S. electrical output. So, 1000 Hoover Dams can double the U.S.A.'s electrical output. The Power Generating Hydroconveyor™ (the invention) should generate more than 1,000 times versus the Hoover Dam.

The patented Power Generating Hydroconveyor™ uses both the push and pull force of a several-mile segment of the Ohio River. It uses the entire flow for three miles for example. The velocity of the river is accelerated by narrowing the river into a channel and not backing it up: the water level remains constant to slightly elevated. That provides approximately (3 miles x 5280 feet) x 40 feet deep x 1500 feet wide or 15,840 x 1500 x 40 = 950,000,000 square feet of water going 30-50 knots through a channel. That would be similar to 94 empire state buildings filled with water hitting multiple turbines at 30-50 knots.


Approximately 32,000 cubic feet (similar to a 1,000 square foot house with a 30-foot ceiling full of water) are used to power Hoover Dam with 17 small generators. My invention uses 29,000 times more power generating water flow.

The Power Generating Hydroconveyor™ (PGH) uses the energy of 950,000,000 square feet versus the Hoover Dam at 32,000 (950,000,000 ¸ 32,000 = 29,000) or the Power Generating Hydroconveyor™ uses 29,000 more water but much more efficiently than the Hoover Dam uses water.

Hoover Dam is laced with bent pipes. A bend in a pipe lessens water flow energy and also, the Hoover Dam only uses the push of the water. The Power Generating Hydroconveyor™ is in a straight line and uses both the push and pull of the river plus the Ohio River is 14 times larger than the Colorado River.

Hoover Dam uses a propeller blade to spin the mechanical turbine. This is extremely inefficient because the water hits the blade at an angle. The Hoover Dam's propeller blades are attached to a large shaft that is submerged in the water flow obstructing the energy of the water. The PGH uses a conveyor blade that is constantly at a 90-degree angle capturing the flow.

As Governor, I propose to immediately build 4 systems between Ohio and West Virginia or Kentucky. Split the income 50/50 along with an expected 500 billion dollars in income initially. Other states of course can start this process as well in time. It would take 94 trillion solar panels to equal just 4 Power Generating Hydroconveyor™ systems, which would cost 9,000 times the current GDP of the U.S. Solar panels are not the answer.

The Power Generating Hydroconveyor™ doubles, at minimum, the entire electricity of the U.S. per three-mile section.

There are 27 trillion kilowatts generated globally, mostly with coal, oil & gas. I expect to realize 100 trillion KW just along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers carbon-free. All of the states involved can become monstrously wealthy.

Note, the Chinese have a Dam that generates a trillion KW and it is five times more efficient than Hoover Dam but far less efficient than the PGH. Multi-trillion KW dams are possible.

I say (F. Patrick Cunnane, Inventor) to share this wealth with each household via a penny per share offer initially in Ohio, WV, and KY. Then, sell the stock to the big energy companies (where they become the operators) for a big profit or keep the stock and buy more on the open market.

The Physics to Economics Model (PEM)
By F. Patrick Cunnane

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As governor, I can significantly improve everyone's life.

Thank you!