Personal and Social Issues

End income tax because it is inefficient costing several percent of the GDP unnecessarily. Approximately 16 billion dollars in Ohio annually is wasted on the income tax method. We could build five new steel mills per year or automobile factories per year on unnecessary inefficiency.

Remember, time is a variable in physics. To waste time is to unnecessarily use energy.

The three states involved must establish the three largest banks in the U.S. This is necessary to capitalize on the many off-shoot businesses that the energy will accommodate.

Plainly speaking, we can take control of global aluminum manufacturing as aluminum production is electricity intense. The list is endless.

God is good because God controls behavior energy free.

Capitalism allows for the greatest amount of wealth at the least consumed energy used because it measures resources and rewards the brightest.

Communism, socialism, or postmodernism will not be taught in our schools because these are inefficient systems that in turn cause climate change. The brain does not develop to engage in higher concepts until age 18 or older, meaning K through 12 is for basic learning.

I expect and demand the Ohio universities along with WV and KY become number one rated in the world, not just the U.S. I consider that my job as Governor, at least for Ohio.

The way to protect our God-given rights is to restate them in the state constitution in a more emphatic way with time limits of 40,000 years. No one touches our free speech ever. No one closes a church or synagogue ever. Religion enables low-cost social order and free speech is necessary to invent.

We are a great free people. Ohio turned night into day and allowed humans to fly and we need to act like it.

No one is ever going to take our cars from us, gas or no gas (at this time the general population does not know the government is planning to take our cars from us).

I want to restart our automobile manufacturing in Ohio along with WV and KY. We need to control our fate. We must guarantee our rights to defend ourselves as a restatement, non-reversible change to the state constitution.

The revenue from the Power Generating Hydroconveyor can be used to build the largest banks, technology, manufacturing, best schools, and on and on.

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