How Do Rich People Become Rich?

A way to become wealthy is to invent something useful and issue stock to a smaller group for one cent per share before presenting it to the operating corporations. Next, corporate operators buy in at a higher price and they become the operators, then finally present the deal to Wall Street at a market price, to be sold to the general public at a much higher price than the initial group receives and allowing a 1,000 times plus increase in wealth from the initial investing group cost. For example, Thomas Edison (Ohio inventor) invented the electric light bulb and partnered with GE. GE stock increased 11,000 times.

A common way the rich become rich is through invention.

Why Include The People In My Patented Invention?

The Ohio River is the people's resource and only the Governor can implement this plan via an agreement from the people and in addition to agreements from the neighboring states. The government can make certain the Power Generating Hydroconveyor (patented) receives a building permit.

Corporate-owned Dams are common where 60% of the Dams in the U.S. are privately owned. The Ohio Constitution can be amended to mandate the construction of the Power Generating Hydroconveyor subject to agreements with the other states. This increases the likelihood of success.

The people in Ohio, West Virginia, and/or Kentucky can be in on the initial share price at a penny per share with a $100 investment. Once the building permit is granted then the corporations who will operate the system can buy in at a starting price of $10 (that is a 1,000:1 gain!).

The third step, after the operating corporations are formed, is the stock can be sold to the general market at a beginning price of $20 per share. This means the $100 of investor's stock will be worth $200,000. WV and Kentucky will receive more stock because the deal is 50/50 and their populations are smaller than Ohio. West Virginia can become more wealthy per person than ever thought possible. This is how rich people become richer and that is how OH, WV, and/or KY can also become a lot richer.

The new power generation method (invention) will make hundreds of billions in revenue, which will go to the original investors, the corporate investors and operators, to the new manufacturers who receive carbon-free power – the States, and to the U.S. investing public.

I wrote economics as a physics-based process correcting it versus the inefficient socialist ideas. My view of economics allows a clear understanding of how to make efficient policy that benefits everyone by increasing wealth in total. The answer to the Physics to Economics model is wealth is a form of energy. Then to become richer in total (everybody becomes richer) requires more energy as mandated by the laws of physics.

Current economics is taught in universities as a socialist-based system. It is very inefficient and is the primary cause of climate change. The correct operation of economics is that it must be fact-based and adhere to the laws of physics. This is the solution to climate change.

The maximization of wealth simultaneously with the minimization of the applied energy is a physics problem applied to a social order that maximizes personal freedom. Think that physics plus personal freedom results in the least pollution at the maximal wealth. Today's politicians speak of helping one group over another. The country goes sideways to down.

In the Laws of physics for the entire country and or state to increase its wealth in total means, the energy input must increase because wealth is a form of energy. To make your entire car go faster more gas is applied as a law of physics, however, an efficient car wastes gas. Being more efficient also supports greater wealth and therefore, efficiency means more freedom and fewer laws.

My invention radically increases wealth by a massive input of entirely carbon-free energy for Ohio, WV, KY as well as the entire U.S. The produced electricity can be transmitted a thousand miles, to Miami FL, to Dallas TX, to the entire East Coast, etc.