Why F. Patrick Cunnane for Governor?

As governor, I can significantly improve everyone's life.

I propose to make everyone in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky richer in a life-changing way. At a minimum, the goal is to enable every household to gain $100,000 in ten years or less, as well as have expanded job opportunities that far exceed the current market so their children do not have to move out of state to find a job.

A Wealthy, Prosperous State

I know how the financial system operates because I am a corporate and individual investment advisor. I do not agree with the current academic interpretation of economics, although I have to keep academic hours, because their view does not resolve how economics operates. I re-wrote economics to follow the laws of physics – as it should be written if the objective is to establish a wealthy, prosperous state where personal freedom is paramount.

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Become Rich Through Invention

I invented a carbon-free method to triple (or more) the U.S. electrical generation output. Energy is important because it is the sole cause of motion and economics is predominantly motion.

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Physics to Economics Model 

Who Wins?


F. Patrick Cunnane

F. Patrick Cunnane, Governor

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